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quests are invisible

What was the last quest you did?

I unlocked the cement and other lored that comes with it, closed the game and came back a day later. I can still claim my awards by pressing spacebar though.

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So the tasks are there, but the quest isn't displayed? Also, have you refreshed/re-opened the game? That fixes various bugs

I did. Tasks are invisible too though. I forgot to menton that

Can you screenshot the entire screen?

how do you get the maglant upgrade  upgrade_name


Wait what's wrong?

it is too much


No, it will handle up to somewhere around the 1e27 range before looking weird, but even then it won't crash.

How did you even upgrade Coal if Stone wasn't working? To get to +512, you would have needed up purchase it 10 times

left computer running for a week to test the first run

how do I get the higher lored miners)other than the two that are at the start of the game

Make sure both Coal and Stone are working, and that you've turned in the first quest or two at the start! If it didn't reward you with Iron and Copper, it's bugged. If that's the case, delete your save in the save menu and restart lol.

coal is on but stone isn't  working for some reason (i have tones of coal)

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coal storage wasn't working before but now i deleted the saves the coal storage works again(the coal storage wasn't  moving once in was on 5.53 coall on the coal LORED (the coal doesn't go down once it is oin max coal

Wait does it work now? Is the game going? If it's not, could you screenshot both LOREDs?

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working now but the iron and copper still don't work (i only have the first two ones)

i tried like a millon times in each browser and i cannot get anything other than coal and stone

i tried but still doesn't work even with firefox or safari (i am using google chrome)

what is the second quest (because i know about the coal buy quest)


It took me almost three months, plus this update, but I got all the upgrades. :) That's accomplishment right there.

:) I think Stage 2 goes too fast, now, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Nah, the Stage 2 Speed is perfect.

It's certainly much faster after the update

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The next update will no longer have the custom autobuyer feature. Get your crazy, cooky, custom conditions in while you can!

ey, hop in the Discord right now >:(

I am currently not working on LORED, to be transparent. I have switched focus to speed-running Ori, beating Doom Eternal, playing Animal Crossing, and working more hours so I don't literally die.

Do you have a discord channel for this game?

No, should I? Does that cost anything? lol.

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You should! Doesn't cost anything, really simple to set up too.


What is it causing iron/copper to increase production amount over time? This effectively causes the iron/copper ore production to drop below the required amount / sec over time.

Just refreshed my page, and it looks like it must be time spent in the session? The number reset in the formula

It's probably the IT'S GROWIN ON ME upgrade. It actually shouldn't reset on a refresh, it's supposed to save that value. You can turn off that upgrade to stop it going wild.

Alright, good to know that's what is doing it. But correct, it reset on a refresh. Also I just started Stage 2 and spent the wood on the water upgrade, which leaves me with not enough wood to create hardwood. No more wood = no hardwood = no axes = no wood.. help? I thought stage 2 would reset when I metastasized, but nope.

You get 5 Axes from one of the quest rewards. Have you done the quest up until the one that unlocks the Tumor LORED? If so, you can do a task for whatever resource you're lacking to get un-stuck.

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I already had gotten that reward I believe. I'm currently on the Glass Pass quest. Which you guessed it, is based on hardwood production. Are you able to edit my save to fix this?

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In the spirit of being helpful here's what I've got regarding auto buyers for stage 2:

My testing consisted of ensuring every LORED was unlocked and at level 1, and I gave it some time to grow on its own. For any node that seemed to have failed to autobuy itself, I tried a couple different things, like altering the base conditions to something that should have worked outright, removing conditions entirely, and even setting TRUE = TRUE. 

I'm not sure about the last 2 nodes just because I don't have them unlocked yet, but considering the rest of the nodes in their family seem to work, I'm assuming they may work as well.


  • liquid iron, steel
  • wood pulp, paper, cigarettes
  • galena, lead
  • wood, hardwood, axes
  • humus, sand
  • water, seeds, soil, trees

doesn't work:

  • draw plate, wire
  • carcinogens, tumors
  • petroleum, plastic

don't know yet:

  • tobacco
  • glass

A couple things I noticed. the promise of OH YEEAAAHH to give extra resources isnt working at least for wire that I've noticed. making it difficult to chemo because im stuck without enough wire to start my draw plates.

Also, there are a few LORED autobuyers that arent autobuying, even with green flagged conditions.

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turning OH YEEAAAAHH off actually looks like it "fixes" things so I've enough resources to start autobuying. I think I realized what the issue is. the 1000 extra puts you at this sweet spot where a chemo immediately buys some extra-normal upgrades which drops you under enough to start out the loreds

An alternative for the upgrade. what about starting a new chemo with all stage 2 LOREDs unlocked at level 1 instead of the 1000 extra resources? 

Could also split it out into individual upgrades for each group of blocking resources, like water/seeds/trees, liquid iron/steel, humus/sand/glass, plates/wire, wood/hardwood/axes

The upgrade autobuyers do not purchase upgrades until you've at least got the core LOREDs to level 1 and running. UNLESS I made it so "unlock this shit" lets the upgrade autobuyers buy ASAP. But I don't remember making them do that. I'll take a look at it soon.

That's a great idea, I'm not sure why the only LORED that has an upgrade like that is the Coal LORED with "aw <3". I will try to make sure OH YEAH works and doesn't throw you out of the gate stumbling, and also introduce some upgrades that start you off with more Stage 2 LOREDs purchased.

Looking forward to the changes when they make it this way!

As I am typing this, i have 1408 iron 1410 copper, and yet i still cant upgrade my stone guy to level 2.  Help pls


wait nvm

Lol. Wow, you're patient to not quit after waiting for that much Iron and Copper


The iron ore guy momentarily goes beserk to blast the iron lol

Radiative upgrades are not in the place I want them to be, so I will re-organize them and balance the pricing so the game is a little bit quicker.

Once the update goes through, your upgrade tree could look strange, but you will keep all the upgrades you've already purchased.

Cool, looking forward to seeing how it plays with faster progress (especially since I had to go through it without bonus tumors on the first save). I am about to do first chemo but want to hold off and save up tumors instead if prices are about to change.

Will the version change from 2.0 alpha 1.11 when this comes out?

Yeah, 2.0 Alpha 1.2.

I'll change it to 2.0 Beta when I finish all the animations. Uh... but after that, idk what I'll be waiting on to officially finish 2.0. But that's when I'll post it around the internet

Oh, I think waiting might be a good idea. I'm not sure how long it will take, though D:


It is cool, take your time. 

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
― Shigeru Miyamoto

Like a month after 1.2c released on Kongregate, someone asked if the dev had given up, and I said "Nope, this game will define me, including the gaps in development" because I did take a 2 month break.

Then I got this comment:

"The only thing defining you right now is whatever's jammed up your ass and nailed down to the floor that's preventing you from completing the game."

I laughed, and obviously it's absurd, but now I realize I think it might have made me work longer hours on 2.0.

But that was 4 months ago now, I wonder if his anger goes up exponentially or linearly lol

i like that quote

good ol miyamoto

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For 2.0 Alpha 1.11, I re-wrote the number formatting function with the help of different people and posts around the internet. Here it is, for any of you who are also making a game with Godot:

The last function I used had many loops and was taking up to .25ms for a single frame. Now, with better code, it never goes above 0.04ms, which is 6x faster.

I was hoping it would make a noticeable difference on the HTML version, but I suppose it will just always run a little slow.

Btw, on desktop, my game is smooth as frick at 60 fps, it's dope.

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Hello again. The resource bar change is very nice, thanks. I started a new save to try out the new autobuyers as well, they seem good so far.

Found a little bug with the new number formatting.

Also, when I get the problem with the BACK button disappearing in upgrade menus, it prints the following exception to my console: 

**SCRIPT ERROR**: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'queue_free' in base 'GDScriptFunctionState'.
At: res://Scripts/Root.gdc:3912:_root.b_tabkey() - Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'queue_free' in base 'GDScriptFunctionState'. 

Not sure if you already saw that or if it helps at all but figured I'd mention it.

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Thanks x2. I [probably] fixed the number formatting, and that error message is super useful. It even gave me the line that caused the error!! I made some changes, and I might have fixed it.

I think it's due to the numbers that pop up when you buy an upgrade. If a function crashes, it ends the function right there so the whole game doesn't crash, meaning the upgrades would not go away, but everything else that already went through would stay changed.


The bug seems to not be entirely fixed, but it is different/better now- it results in a mixed screen like this when you click back. Clicking the options menu fixes the game with no reload, so this is already not nearly as annoying as the old bug.

The error message is also different:

**SCRIPT ERROR**: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'queue_free' in base 'GDScriptFunctionState'.
   At: res://Scripts/Root.gdc:4007:_root.w_tabkey_assist_lored() - Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'queue_free' in base 'GDScriptFunctionState'.

I haven't gotten to a point where I could check the number formatting.

Okay, I've removed all instances of queue_free(). Instead, I've just hidden them when exiting an upgrade menu. They queue_free() themselves anyway after they fade out.


It's hard to say a transient bug like this is really gone for good, but I have not hit the problem since this fix. Thank you!

The *number formatting* issue was still there, but it's fixed for the next patch.


The whole general system of LORED is really interesting! But it suffers from a big problem. Stage 1 and Stage 2 progress are almost completely separate. Once you unlock Stage 2, there isn't much reason to focus more on Stage 1, and it all gets reset together.  There should be some way where stage 1 progress speeds up stage 2 progress, and stage 2 progress speeds up stage 1, and it should show up relatively early on.

Spoilers: Stage 1 does speed up Stage 2.

Also, there are Radiative upgrades that speed up Stage 1, but I was considering adding something like: Stage 1 gets a multiplier based on number of times "Total Biscuit" is purchased (which is the top Extra-normal upgrade)

I got this autobuyer update out just in time for Ori and the Will of the Wisps. That's going to distract me from LORED, but not every hour of the day. Progress will slow, but it's for a good cause.

That cause being: Moon Studio does amazing work, and the Ori games are amazing.

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After your first reset of a stage, its cost is now reduced to 0.

(Rare) and {Spike} tasks now additionally reward something other than just resources. Check it out :D

Tasks may now reward resources whose ingredient LOREDs are not owned, after the first run of the stage.

Apparently 77% of you wildlings use the resource bar, so I added some customization options in the menu for it:

  • Added an option to change the text color of resources in the resource bar to match their status color (red for bad, yellow for probably fine, etc).
  • Added an option to change the resource bar texts to display net output instead of amount.
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Fixed a bug where loading the game would increase lv1 LORED prices to their next step.

After a metastasize reset my gold lored kept producing more than it was written. In the image the iron and gold loreds are the same lv but its 98k to 10mil.

So it's not producing 3249 like the texts say?

Hey, refresh, check if it is fine?


i think now its working properly

Poll: Do you play with the resource bar displayed?


All of you are being real helpful with fixing bugs, lol. You've all found way more than I did when play-testing

Reduced the Growth cost of Normal upgrade RYE to 15 to ensure no soft-locks can occur from upgrading the Growth LORED too many times.

I'm getting an issue after reloading to the latest version- I just did chemo, I have autostoner, but my stone lored isn't autobuying.

Also I had the "I know what I'm doing, unlock this shit" upgrade but the stage 2 upgrades still didn't unlock until i got the loreds to unlock it normally.

Oops! Both have been fixed. At least, the Extra-normal upgrade menu will now appear after you have I know what I'm doing, unlock this shit and you reset. It should appear when you refresh, too.

Your screenshot scared the heck out of me at first, because I was like HOW DID THOSE UPGRADES APPEAR OVER THE LOREDS LIKE THAT

Thanks for the quick fix, everything is good now!

I'm surprised, because I actually found some wild mistakes in the loading check that would make it so the S2 upgrade menu doesn't appear, and I just fixed it. But I'm glad everything is working (for now)

I will confess: my last report was made before I tested the reset. Just now I did a fast chemo to buy the tarnation alabama etc upgrade and noticed my tarball lored still had a malignancy cost. So I refreshed the page, and then the malignancy cost was gone from the tarballs but my extra-normal upgrade menu had also disappeared. It came back once I did the normal purchases so currently I'm playing fine.


Okay, I am encountering a small bug, It seems for some reason the Stage 2 Upgrade Menu is gone, like disappeared forever.

E or R? Extra-normal or Radiative?

Sorry the Extra-Normal one

For awhile after you do Chemotherapy, Extra-normal upgrades are locked (until you get the upgrade that stops that)

What's the upgrade that stops it?

In the Radiative menu, it's at the very bottom.

Purchasing the core STAGE 2 LOREDs will unlock the Extra-normal upgrade menu again. Them being, Water, Seeds, Trees, Soil, Humus, Sand, Glass, Axes, Wood, Hardwood, Draw Plate, Wire, Liquid Iron, and Steel. Purchasing upgrades before you own any of these can potentially soft-lock the game forever. That's why I also added Radiatve upgrades to give you bonus Steel, Wire, Hardwood, and Glass after doing Chemotherapy

As an aside, you can also get yourself into this state if you upgrade those early loreds before you have them all. I had to grind quests for wire/draw plates to get unstuck once because I spent all my wire before I had the draw plate guy.

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Yes, but at least then you can get un-stuck with the help of tasks. It's also possible to not have enough Wood, Axes, or Hardwood for any of the 3 to produce anything, but that is when the task board comes back and future quests become quittable.

I guess that also means I don't need to lock Extra-normal upgrades, since if you buy an upgrade too early, you can do tasks to get what you lost

Once you have a good handful of Radiative upgrades, you will probably never get soft-locked or need to grind for resources to get un-stuck


Nice, thank you :)

A few quick fixes:

After loading, LOREDs were costing 3x less than intended if they were over level 1.

Some LOREDs were appearing prematurely.

Fixed a bug where it wouldn't apply the FPS option you had when loading the game.

Changing how the upgrade buttons look is still on-going, I didn't like the borders.

Fixed an issue where purchasing RYE when the task board was up crashed the game.

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I'm having a crash whenever i try to collect mission rewards and i'm kinda stuck now :/ 

i think i'll have to reset my game.

Edit: After deleting the game i'm still encountering the same problem, game keeps crashing when i finish missions.

Deleted 95 days ago
Deleted 95 days ago
Deleted 95 days ago

I might have fixed it. I might have broken another aspect of the task system, but I might have fixed the crash.


I'm not having that crash anymore ^^ thx

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For mobile users, here are my recommended ways of making a tooltip appear:

If the tooltip you're trying to see is not from a button, press and hold

If it is a button, press and swipe off of it


good game, really like the graphics

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Some numbers in costs aren't displayed in scientific notation correctly.

The mantissa (the part before the 'e') has to be greater than or equal to 1 and strictly less than 10.

Here's the save if it helps

Haha, now that's not quite scientific notation at all, is it? Thanks for the report, I'll fix it with the next patch.

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Fixed! :D

Hello! can you tell me how to get the TUMORS? i have no clue. its there but i dont have the resources needed (i dont even have an option to produce them). i must be missing something. thanks

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Hi! I'm sorry, the TUMOR LORED and what it costs are STAGE 2 LOREDs, which will come in patch 2.0. It will take me a long time to make the icons for all of them and animate them all. You've reached the end of the content currently! Check out the patch notes if you want, I always update it as I work on a patch. Thanks for playing :D

You can get Tumors now. :D (in the browser version)

could you please do something about the scrolling? it keeps getting worse and worse on when it scrolls the tab instead of just the game.

Deleted 284 days ago


buying all normal upgrades in a single round causes them to become unavailable in the subsequent rounds.

Do you have either of the malignant upgrades DUNKUS or CHUNKUS?

yes, it would be nice if the "owned upgrades" check-mark gave a count, letting one know it already holds upgrades.

I like the idea of a count. "Displayed owned (15)". Yeah!


Loving this game so far, great job!!

Thanks 😃

1) Message "Welcome back!" Holds above iron ore, and don't disappears...

It's slightly annoying...

2) At beginning, need more explanation about what line with number is what. (May be with popup)

3) About html 5 and hate. Try to use Vue, and canvas as component to animation or even SVG. And something like that if overlay effects needed.

You can make any tip disappear.

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No [x], no click, right click, double click or swipe reaction.

I can't find any options about it.

And now, game loads only from 3rd page reload, without CPU load or messages to console.

Win 7 x64, gaming PC, chrome 76.


What do you mean from 3rd page reload?

Also, removing the tutorial pen is my next priority. I hate the tip pop-ups, the blue in the background, the fact that the only two tabs are LOREDs and TIPS is totally bizarre, and having them all in one line was an idea borne from laziness. For now, though, click the button beneath the box. I see that it is difficult to see and blends in, I totally don't blame you for missing it

Sorry, i feel slightly confused... I three times views it, even make screenshot, and  anyway miss it. )=

About reload: when i first time play game, everything is ok, but yesterday, all two times when i start, it just show me black screen w/o errors and cpu profile like (100% core while 1+sec, and no more activities after).

I reload page three times before can play.

And sorry for my English.

What browser are you using? I know the game has major issues outside of Chrome