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Um.....the task system isn't working.
I have the finish 3 tasks mission and when a task is done.
it's not incrementing.

Expecting 1/3
finds 0/3.

There are some bugs regarding tasks and quests surrounding the Hard Reset feature.

I suggest you do another Hard Reset and then refresh immediately, as that seems to fix the bugs.

I restart the game in stage2 and I have a stage2 task in stage1.

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the patch note window isn't closing when you click the button fixed, but now the upgrade window crashes the game.

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I observed the same behaviour.
Restarting the game doesn't show the patch window but the upgrade windows keeps crashing.
Deleted the old save and it keeps crashing

V 2.2.22 on Windows 10.

Metastasizing and chemotherapy isn't working.

i like how the part about online earnings has been fixed but now the patch notes don't go away when i press the red button

what does LORED mean or stand for


It's a mashing of the words ore and lord.

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How do I metastasize?

at the bottom of the pink stuffs upgrade menu it will be a button that says  metastasize

hey, I'd like to start off that this is an amazing game and the new update made everything look AMAZING, there's just one problem I've been having since the update. When I go to upgrade something the information tab covers it and I cannot press the upgrade button without spamming. Amazing game and love it sooooo much. 


at first, I did not really enjoy the game. it was fairly boring. but that's because I was playing it wrong. this game is not really an active game. it's truly an idle game in the fact that you should get everything going, leave it running, and then come back tomorrow. check up on the gamer and then reset and get everything going again. I've been having quite a bit of fun with it.

Well, I played, got all the upgrades, exported my save, then came back to see my progress lost.

Tried to load my save... and noticed there's no load option.


You cannot import your save in the browser version. It's impossible. You can on the Windows version, though

Alright, thanks for that.

Hey, could you give me the embed code that allows for html5 gameplay, I would like this because I'm making an unblocked games website for my class.

No, I use Godot, it does the HTML stuff for me. I know very limited HTML.

But, I suppose I could paste the code in the index.html file, if that would help

Idk but I like your game anyway.

The game badly needs a way to be able to sell Lored's, I have 100% softlocked my game by over-leveling sand. I get 1 humus every 5 seconds, and I need 49,000 to get my sand to run again. All for 4 tasks are 'make sand', and the upgrades I have available require sand or glass.

Not sure if there's anyway out, I can't see it if there is.

If you message me your save, I can mark the quest as completed for you.

This has been an issue for a few others, as well. I think the solution isn't to sell LORED levels, but to limit the tasks so that only one can require a specific resource.

Did i beat the game


Stage 3 is being worked on. For now, you're done!


Deleted 32 days ago
Deleted 34 days ago

dunno what happened but i now have 10 malignancy so we gaming

Is horse doodie the last task

no i believe the get 30 radioactive task

there should be a way to skip tasks because I currently have 4 sand tasks while it takes multiple minutes to have sand get produced. Either give a way to skip tasks, or make sand harder to purchase so people don't fuck themselves over. 

How slow is this when it's offline? And why do people always make it run slower? Do you just want to get everyone to keep it running in the background?

There's an offline boost instead of offline earnings.

It says Webgl not available I don't really know how to fix it.

Is that a hardware issue?


nvm it fixed. Thanks!

Had the same issue with my browser on my other PC...really seems to be a problem on your PC not with the game...

so apparently it might have to do something with the offline multiplier because i got to play for like 10m but as soon as it ended the screen froze  

Game randomly freezes, requiring refreshes and losing progress.


the game keeps crashing 

when ever i load in i play and the game just freezes after a minute or so

The animation for the Trees is easily the best

Sand is just funny

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suggestions: un-hold and un-halt all buttons (possibly get them from one of the starter main quests.)

magic upgrades should be toggle-able after you have 5 of them, maybe you could have to buy a magic upgrade to halt the magic upgrades of your choice.

make more games, this one is pretty fun, and you're defiantly going places if you continue down the game dev road.

change it so when you get to 1 mil instead of 1.08e or whatever just have 1m/1mil.


forgot to ask, but is this game on steam? if not you should put it on there, it could be a good way to get your name bigger.


Hell yeah i would spend money for that!

I am currently planning on putting it on Steam.


There are notation options in the menu. I can add one like that, I suppose!

Thanks for your kind words 🤩

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Bruh, my whole f****ing game got restarted

Edit: I also didn't save the game

Did you metasize without upgrading anything in the malignant menu? Here's how it works:

1.You produce malignance with the malignance lored

2.You spend the malignance in the malignant menu

3.You metalize by confirming that in the malignant menu, and you restart the game, only with the new upgrades you got previously from the mm carry over

The same goes with the tumor lored, only that you reset the mm upgrades too.

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I already metalized once. I literally got on to the game and my progress was gone

Every once in a while, try to save manually. This should prevent this from happening again. Make sure cookies are on too.


Please try the windows version, if you can. The web save is stored not as a cookie but something similar. An exported web save can only be used in the windows version anyway, as it is impossible to import to the web version using the Godot game engine.

Holy cow, I have never once considered people resetting without buying any upgrades. I definitely need some kind of check for that

The its growin on me malignancy upgrade really screwed me over

can you make it to where you can turn upgrades on and off after purchase


drillur has best tycoon 

capitalist be like doe

Can you add a way to move the LOREDs around on the screen, customization maybe?

Why gun shoot iron ore?


because evil

Can you add a new way to export the save currently i'm on my school chromebook playing it and ofc they have the console blocked so if possible ty.

No, sir! This is the only possible way, using the Godot game engine. Sorry! 

I feel that the new UI indicators should be optional, I liked the old one personally.

they are a WIP; I am thinking the tiny blocks will not stay. 



i got to stage 2 im making only one tumor should i metasize or wait?

If you wait/afk, then you won't get as much because you only get 0.25x. But, if you metasize, then you have to start all over again (Kinda).

i have 4 pending upgrades 2 are the iron ore/copper  is equal and the malgnaty is 2x haste plus growth auto buyer 

Can I download my save off of the browser so I can use it on the downloaded version? 

Yup! Press f12 or ctrl-shift-j to get to the console. In the game, press ESC, then in the save section you can print your save to the console.

there a cheater console for cheaters?

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this game is pretty fun, ctrl+z button could be pretty useful tho

bro this game is fun i been playing it for 4 days now

How do you get tumors?

You need to finish "The heart of things" quest in stage two in order to get the tumor lored. You also need to get the weird volcanic rock lored that I haven't unlocked yet.

Oh alrighty thanks!

The animations in stage two don't really work. I already tried reloading the page.

There are some unfinished animations in Stage 2. Unfortunately, my current plan is to leave them unfinished

for some reason when I try and buy the maglignant upgrades it says pending restart, can't figure out how to fix it.

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It's basically the game's own way of prestige, so you restart using "Metaize", then when you restart, the upgrade will be put into effect. You're welcome.

ok thanks

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