A game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. Buy upgrades and give your workers lots of water.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(84 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Automation, Godot, Idle, Incremental, Singleplayer, Sprites, upgrades
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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after a long time I finally finished (until now)

how do i speed up time

its too slow

help pls

1 wait for the 3.0 update

2 customize the speed settings in the new game menu 

3 ???

4 Speed

no way

you're still working on the game?

whats the loop


as a person whose name is 'spike' seeing 'spike' be the highest level of rarity made me feel a weird mixture of confusion, thankfulness, and fear.


finally finished!!


A bug: Randomly, most of the Loreds will stop working. Additionally, tooltips show in the upper-left, partially off-screen.

Yup, no idea why. It only happens on the HTML5 version, so I'm going to blame the engine and leave it at that. Thanks for playing bro! 


How do i import?

Importing to the browser version is impossible thanks to the way Godot handles HTML5 something something. 

If you're on desktop, you should see instructions in the save menu. 

Tendi nada e os boneco só parou de trabalhar kk

How many of them had you unlocked when they stopped? 

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Sometimes if the game runs for too long in the HTML version, it just breaks. Refreshing it helps. Is it still stuck for you right now?


Extremely frustrating when starting on stage 2. Very little explantion and hard to understand until you wait days and days just to get the radiative upgrades to reset it all.


My game is very realistic.

Stage 2 cancer is worse than stage 1.

You've got that right.


Stage 2 has some really fun Radiative upgrades that make the horrible initial grind worth it.

That said, the next update will introduce Stage 3 and I intend on allowing new games the option of beginning at Stage 3.

That'll be useful! do you ahve an official update release date yet, or are you still in the production phase?


and for the iron miner`s neutral special, he wields a gun


...and now I've 100 percented it! It was amazing, every step of the way. I can't wait for Stage 3!


I hope you can wait because it's nowhere near



Guys, I beat the game. It was fantastic!! Nice work, Drillur!


excited for stage 3 :0


the top part that shows how much malignancy and which bits are in the negative glitches out when you unlock stage two, then it just doesn't show anything.


I love all the little lored animations

Also the descriptions for locked upgrades made me laugh way more than I should have

I know the the mission title explains it all but... why is the "a million reasons to grind" mission so grindy?

lol just realised that it's called quests.


Is there any LORED lore?


probably, matpat needs to get on it

ya game theory should do some shinanigans to find some lore in this game.

No offence, drillur


how do i get the tumors for the "inject" upgrade

keep playing the game.

Why the name LORED?

I guess it's an acronym of some sort.

I recommend saving and reopening the game after every ascension, otherwise the interface is kind of broken most of the time.

I've run into something and I can't tell if its intentional or not, the "it grows on me" upgrade is raising the input requirements for my iron and copper as well as the output, and with my current upgrades, its going way faster than I can possibly keep up with, so I just always have 0 of each ore unless I pause the smelter guys.

That's intended.

hmmhow is this possible

Each LORED has his own local fuel storage.

ik but look at the number its fucked up

Oh, I see. Yeah, shouldn't happen, but it makes sense. Float values can be funky in video games.

whats a float value

A float value is int values / numbers with more decimal point.

Integer: no decimal. 2, 18

Float: decimal. 0.3835

Long (not in GDScript): Integer, but can be a way bigger number. 

Double (not in GDScript): Float, but can be a way bigger number.

Nice game! There is one thing that annoys me: you can't turn off the Autobuyers (or at least I haven't figured out how). Some autobuyers will always upgrade ASAP after getting another upgrade (I RUN, The Witch of LOREDelith) and will put their inputs in the negative, which prevents the other autobuyers with this input from upgrading even though they use a tiny fraction of the input. I would love a "Crumbs" mode where the autobuyer never puts its input in the negative.

it doesnt have a linux version and the itch app cant run the web version (which i dont know is a widespread issue or not)


I just beat it. It was one of the most fun incrimental games to be released in a while.

The only part that I didn't like was it was too short. Add like 2-3 more layers and sell it on steam :D


hell yes no save system is really annoying

Are you on the right page? LORED has had a save system since the beginning.

The menu on the top left has a save option, also it autosaves every once in a while.

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edit: ok this happened bc google wasn't updated? wtf?

"This is why perpetual motion machines cannot work."

Coal LORED: Am I a joke to you?

Umm drillur, for the "The Loop" task, I can't see what upgrade I need, it just says "Upgrade_name," is this intentional?


Um.....the task system isn't working.
I have the finish 3 tasks mission and when a task is done.
it's not incrementing.

Expecting 1/3
finds 0/3.

There are some bugs regarding tasks and quests surrounding the Hard Reset feature.

I suggest you do another Hard Reset and then refresh immediately, as that seems to fix the bugs.

will try that.

One: hard reset the game.

Two: close and reopen the program.

No dice didn't help in my case.
hard reset quit and then re-opened the game.

found it, if you keep your save file, and just remove and rebuild the game it fixes the bug...for now.
I think it's best if players stop using the hard reset system for the time being.

I restart the game in stage2 and I have a stage2 task in stage1.

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the patch note window isn't closing when you click the button fixed, but now the upgrade window crashes the game.

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I observed the same behaviour.
Restarting the game doesn't show the patch window but the upgrade windows keeps crashing.
Deleted the old save and it keeps crashing

V 2.2.22 on Windows 10.

Metastasizing and chemotherapy isn't working.

i like how the part about online earnings has been fixed but now the patch notes don't go away when i press the red button

what does LORED mean or stand for


It's a mashing of the words ore and lord.

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How do I metastasize?

at the bottom of the pink stuffs upgrade menu it will be a button that says  metastasize

hey, I'd like to start off that this is an amazing game and the new update made everything look AMAZING, there's just one problem I've been having since the update. When I go to upgrade something the information tab covers it and I cannot press the upgrade button without spamming. Amazing game and love it sooooo much. 


at first, I did not really enjoy the game. it was fairly boring. but that's because I was playing it wrong. this game is not really an active game. it's truly an idle game in the fact that you should get everything going, leave it running, and then come back tomorrow. check up on the gamer and then reset and get everything going again. I've been having quite a bit of fun with it.

Well, I played, got all the upgrades, exported my save, then came back to see my progress lost.

Tried to load my save... and noticed there's no load option.


You cannot import your save in the browser version. It's impossible. You can on the Windows version, though

Alright, thanks for that.

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