A game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. Buy upgrades and give your workers lots of water.

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LORED Discord: https://discord.gg/xJeBZxt

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Automation, godot, Idle, incremental, Singleplayer, sprites, upgrades
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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suggestions: un-hold and un-halt all buttons (possibly get them from one of the starter main quests.)

magic upgrades should be toggle-able after you have 5 of them, maybe you could have to buy a magic upgrade to halt the magic upgrades of your choice.

make more games, this one is pretty fun, and you're defiantly going places if you continue down the game dev road.

change it so when you get to 1 mil instead of 1.08e or whatever just have 1m/1mil.


forgot to ask, but is this game on steam? if not you should put it on there, it could be a good way to get your name bigger.


Hell yeah i would spend money for that!

I am currently planning on putting it on Steam.

There are notation options in the menu. I can add one like that, I suppose!

Thanks for your kind words 馃ぉ

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Bruh, my whole f****ing game got restarted

Edit: I also didn't save the game

Did you metasize without upgrading anything in the malignant menu? Here's how it works:

1.You produce malignance with the malignance lored

2.You spend the malignance in the malignant menu

3.You metalize by confirming that in the malignant menu, and you restart the game, only with the new upgrades you got previously from the mm carry over

The same goes with the tumor lored, only that you reset the mm upgrades too.

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I already metalized once. I literally got on to the game and my progress was gone

Every once in a while, try to save manually. This should prevent this from happening again. Make sure cookies are on too.


Please try the windows version, if you can. The web save is stored not as a cookie but something similar. An exported web save can only be used in the windows version anyway, as it is impossible to import to the web version using the Godot game engine.

Holy cow, I have never once considered people resetting without buying any upgrades. I definitely need some kind of check for that

The its growin on me malignancy upgrade really screwed me over

can you make it to where you can turn upgrades on and off after purchase


drillur has best tycoon 

capitalist be like doe

Can you add a way to move the LOREDs around on the screen, customization maybe?

Why gun shoot iron ore?


because evil

Can you add a new way to export the save currently i'm on my school chromebook playing it and ofc they have the console blocked so if possible ty.

No, sir! This is the only possible way, using the Godot game engine. Sorry! 

I feel that the new UI indicators should be optional, I liked the old one personally.

they are a WIP; I am thinking the tiny blocks will not stay. 



i got to stage 2 im making only one tumor should i metasize or wait?

If you wait/afk, then you won't get as much because you only get 0.25x. But, if you metasize, then you have to start all over again (Kinda).

i have 4 pending upgrades 2 are the iron ore/copper  is equal and the malgnaty is 2x haste plus growth auto buyer 

Can I download my save off of the browser so I can use it on the downloaded version? 

Yup! Press f12 or ctrl-shift-j to get to the console. In the game, press ESC, then in the save section you can print your save to the console.

there a cheater console for cheaters?

(1 edit) (+1)

this game is pretty fun, ctrl+z button could be pretty useful tho

bro this game is fun i been playing it for 4 days now

How do you get tumors?

You need to finish "The heart of things" quest in stage two in order to get the tumor lored. You also need to get the weird volcanic rock lored that I haven't unlocked yet.

Oh alrighty thanks!

The animations in stage two don't really work. I already tried reloading the page.

There are some unfinished animations in Stage 2. Unfortunately, my current plan is to leave them unfinished

for some reason when I try and buy the maglignant upgrades it says pending restart, can't figure out how to fix it.

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It's basically the game's own way of prestige, so you restart using "Metaize", then when you restart, the upgrade will be put into effect. You're welcome.

ok thanks

looks like it doesn't save
no i'm not on safari

Are cookies enabled?

yeah, itch itself is saving cookies

For some reason, the stone and iron lored don't seem to do anything...

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I feel like this would be better with some music. I dunno if I could help, or anything. It's just that I don't have discord, so it looks like I'm just sticking to forums.

Discord is useable on browsers.

I've been thinking of browsing Newgrounds for some music, but I haven't started, yet.

I could make some.

What do you want the mood to be?

The task are broken for mew as well. I have all the upgrades, but the 4 tasks are broken.  I refreshed the page, stopped and started the automatic task completion, no luck.

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Really enjoying it so far! Though possible bug, I have a task that won't complete. "I've got this task in the bag" has been sitting at 224/341 plastic for quite a while even though I'm making loads of plastic. 

Edit: Ok make that 2 tasks not progressing :( "What is this, cancer?" won't progress (stuck at  7/21.6) even though "Cancer Lord" is progressing 


Can you refresh and lemme know if they're still busted? I believe that makes them disappear, if I remember right


Ah sorted, thank you very much!

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Each time I do a Chemo, Extra upgrade menu disappear and I have to reload the page for them to appear again

Also, what does THE WITCH OF LOREDELITH do ? It's not clear for me

I will make the upgrade description more clear for the upgrade, but you will certainly notice its effects on Stage 1 LOREDs unless it's broken.

It causes effected LOREDs to gain (1% of their net output) 脳 (their haste modifier) per second

today i learned lored doesn't have autosave

it does, you need cookies enabled for it to have access. If you're playing on Safari, you have to enable 3rd party tracking. Press ESC when in-game to see the save info

I don't see how to export. Is it "save to console"? Nothing happens.

From the save menu, click "Print to console". Then, press Ctrl-Shift-J. The printed save is very large, so make sure to click "Expand" at the bottom of the line if necessary. Copy it and paste it into a text document.

Importing the save to desktop, right before first metastasize set me back to 2 max tasks, when it should be 3.

I'm rewriting the code for Tasks, as it is currently the oldest code in the game. Do you know how many times I've fixed this exact error you're having?! I'm gonna lose my marbles.

But it should be fixed in an update, hopefully permanently.

Which quest are you on, btw?

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I think it was the one right before the one that requires 50 tasks, that automatically turns tasks in. Not sure what it was called though.

Wait, I forgot I have the save still: https://pastebin.com/VXbeSjSd

after producing 4 threes it has stopped but I don't know why, please help


you may need to pause the Seed LORED if it is using too much water. The Tree LORED requires 8:1 Water, meaning it needs 8 water per tree. 

thanks! looking forward for stage 3!

How can I export the savegame to import it in the download version? If I also go to "Save to Console" nothing is copied.

Nice Game.

It prints your save code to the console. Press Ctrl-Shift-J to see the console. Click expand after your save has been printed there, because it's pretty huge, then paste that in any text doc and import it from the desktop version.

Lemme know if you've got any questions!


How freaking rare are Spike tasks ?
Or do I need to unlock them first?


Excellent game!  Just finished up Stage 2, can't wait for Stage 3!  

Only bug I noticed is that the Extra-Normal Upgrade option disappears after a Radiative upgrade reset.  This is resolved with a page refresh, though.

Keep up the good work!

Glad you enjoyed it so far!

I'm aware of that bug, I will make sure it will be fixed for the next patch (which may be 3.0.0).

hey why cant i purchase soccer dude even if i resetted? (i had 16000 malignacy)

Click Metastasize again. That should put you into "malignant upgrade purchasing mode". And when you've finished selecting the upgrades you want, click Spread to reset, applying the new upgrades

(1 edit)

Thanks! so basically you have to reset to buy a malignant upgrade

(1 edit)

I don't understand it..

nvm it was broken. i refreshed its all good

Ive got the stone guy, and the coal guy. I dont know how im supposed to progress.

The quest in the bottom right gives you a goal, and mouse over the grey or red boxes by the Coal and Stone LOREDs to see what they cost. That's the buy button!

it didnt show up initially, i had to go into and out of full screen for it to show up :/

wait, why does the bar for production finish halfway?

Html5 issue, it's full of miscellaneous issues. Unless it's actually broken, but 馃し

Great game! Been following since Kong days

Thanks!!! That's neat. I still update it on Kongregate with major updates, in case anyone still plays there. RIP

I would like to say right off the bat I love this I couldn't stop playing this. One problem after I stopped playing for a bit I came back so I would have tons of stuff or so I thought. Everything is gone. Back to stage 1. Square 1. Is there any explanation of why this occurs? It might just be because I am using a chromebook

Your save is stored as a cookie! So if you ever wipe your cookies, that's it.

I'd recommend downloading the zip of the Windows version anyway!


thanks for letting me know, I knew it was on my end but I didn鈥檛 know what. I played it on my school issues chromebook which freaks out and will reset every once in awhile so it was definitely caused by that

Nice idler/incremental! I'd like stronger color distinctions between items that can and can't be upgraded or purchased. I'm colorblind and the black to light black buttons are just about the same to me.

Deleted 122 days ago

Okay, there's a new option in the menu (Afford check). I set every checkbox's color to their LORED's color, let me know if I should just leave the checkboxes white.

Oh no! The game won't load now, I'm just getting a black screen

Which browser are you using? It loads for me on Chrome.

Chrome. It works in a new incognito window. Maybe some issue loading my save?

I've pinpointed two areas that were causing some saves to not load. See if it works!

Umm... yeah i think theres a softlock issue... right off the bat it wants me to buy a stone boi and normally that wouldnt be an issue... if it were possible

ill keep playing and trying to figure it out but if i dont reply something like "oh nvm i got it" then please fix it

even if i did, you still need to work on certain mechanics like for instance the iron and copper costing each other. Why cant you just make each refinement cost their ores?

Oh, sure, I'll change it for you!

The Stone LORED costs Iron and Copper.

Not bad i dont even understand it but its really not that bad!

i cant seem to get enough growth to get rye, is it because i upgraded growth too much too early? did i get softlocked?

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