2.0 Alpha is out! No more save wipes from now on. All that's left to do is finish some animations and add a handful of Radiative upgrades 

A game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. Buy upgrades and give your workers lots of water.

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The game only works in landscape orientation on your phone.

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Tags2D, Automation, godot, idle, incremental, Singleplayer, sprites, upgrades


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For mobile users, here are my recommended ways of making a tooltip appear:

If the tooltip you're trying to see is not from a button, press and hold

If it is a button, press and swipe off of it


good game, really like the graphics

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Some numbers in costs aren't displayed in scientific notation correctly.

The mantissa (the part before the 'e') has to be greater than or equal to 1 and strictly less than 10.

Here's the save if it helps https://pastebin.com/wDeBp15g

Haha, now that's not quite scientific notation at all, is it? Thanks for the report, I'll fix it with the next patch.

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Fixed! :D

Hello! can you tell me how to get the TUMORS? i have no clue. its there but i dont have the resources needed (i dont even have an option to produce them). i must be missing something. thanks

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Hi! I'm sorry, the TUMOR LORED and what it costs are STAGE 2 LOREDs, which will come in patch 2.0. It will take me a long time to make the icons for all of them and animate them all. You've reached the end of the content currently! Check out the patch notes if you want, I always update it as I work on a patch. Thanks for playing :D

You can get Tumors now. :D (in the browser version)

could you please do something about the scrolling? it keeps getting worse and worse on when it scrolls the tab instead of just the game.

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buying all normal upgrades in a single round causes them to become unavailable in the subsequent rounds.

Do you have either of the malignant upgrades DUNKUS or CHUNKUS?

yes, it would be nice if the "owned upgrades" check-mark gave a count, letting one know it already holds upgrades.

I like the idea of a count. "Displayed owned (15)". Yeah!


Loving this game so far, great job!!

Thanks 😃

1) Message "Welcome back!" Holds above iron ore, and don't disappears...

It's slightly annoying...

2) At beginning, need more explanation about what line with number is what. (May be with popup)

3) About html 5 and hate. Try to use Vue, and canvas as component to animation or even SVG. And something like that https://codepen.io/findoff/full/jgyPQJ if overlay effects needed.

You can make any tip disappear.

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No [x], no click, right click, double click or swipe reaction.

I can't find any options about it.

And now, game loads only from 3rd page reload, without CPU load or messages to console.

Win 7 x64, gaming PC, chrome 76.


What do you mean from 3rd page reload?

Also, removing the tutorial pen is my next priority. I hate the tip pop-ups, the blue in the background, the fact that the only two tabs are LOREDs and TIPS is totally bizarre, and having them all in one line was an idea borne from laziness. For now, though, click the button beneath the box. I see that it is difficult to see and blends in, I totally don't blame you for missing it

Sorry, i feel slightly confused... I three times views it, even make screenshot, and  anyway miss it. )=

About reload: when i first time play game, everything is ok, but yesterday, all two times when i start, it just show me black screen w/o errors and cpu profile like (100% core while 1+sec, and no more activities after).

I reload page three times before can play.

And sorry for my English.

What browser are you using? I know the game has major issues outside of Chrome