2.0 Alpha

Hey! 2.0 is very close to being done. It's time for me to start figuring out itch.io again and ironing out the few remaining bugs (and any unforeseen ones). There is very little left to do before 2.0 is complete, which includes finishing some animations and adding a handful of Radiant upgrades, but besides that, the game currently has well over 50 hours of gameplay. The major changes are listed below. The downloadable version of the game will remain 1.2c until 2.0 is complete. The browser version will be updated with the latest version.

Please enjoy the game, as it is very stable and saves will no longer be wiped from here on out!

• Added many LOREDs to the game.

• Added over 170 upgrades to the game.

• Added tasks and quests that act at first as a tutorial and later as a bounty board type thing and a feature progression type thing.

• Changed almost all of the UI and UX. Added tooltips.

• Fixed the high CPU usage.

• Removed loaders completely.

• Fixed some number-formatting issues.

• Removed the upgrade list box and put them all on the screen in a tree-like fashion. Upgrades can now be disabled and enabled again on-demand.

• Changed hold to halt, which may be triggered to prevent a specific LORED from working.


LORED 2.0 Alpha (Mobile Browser) Play in browser
50 days ago


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Is the PROCEDURE malignant upgrade working? I am clicking reset in that screen and whether I buy ROUTINE or not it doesn't give me any tumors.

Do you not have Red Necromancy? I didn't test the upgrade duo without Red Necromancy. If that's the case, I'll take a look at that when I can

I did not have Red Necromancy, that is probably it. Thanks!

I didn't expect anyone to reach the top of the Malignant tree without Red Necromancy! I will make sure it works without it, lol. Thanks for playing 🤠

A little more info, in case it helps with debugging- I got Red Necromancy and after building Stage 1 back up, it is automatically metastasizing when it hits 1e21 malignancy and resetting, but I still do not get any tumors.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what in the heck. i'll fix it right now, hold ur lil buns

Refresh and try it now. This is being very tricky to fix. I'm not sure it's fixed, but I've made all the changes I think are good.

i cant complete the mission for the resource bar it just says the tasks are complete but i cant collect it '

I'll let you know when I fix it, thanks for the notice, and sorry for the annoyance!

Okay, it's fixed! Refresh before you load the game to get the new version. It should immediately fill the task progress wheel up for you, but if not, open the menu and everything again


thanks the game seems to work perfectly fine for me from the looks of it now

it better 😡

i unlocked stage 2 loreds but theres no stage 1 lored button so i have to reload the page to get to the stage 1 loreds

Deleted 39 days ago

I believe I fixed it. Let me know if it still doesn't work!