Tiny patch!


Upgrading a LORED no longer shows its new output. Also, changed the appearance of the other text that appears.

Changed the LORED STAGE tab button appearances.

(Spoilers here!) Malignant upgrade PROCEDURE now requires Radiative upgrade RED NECROMANCY because there is no way purchasing ROUTINE can feel good unless it is purchased automatically.

Bug fixes

Upgrade tab alert flashy bois are now back.

Metastasizing with Malignant upgrade Aw <3 active no longer leaves the Coal LORED in its transparent state.

If a LORED has 0 net output, the current task you're on will now say "undefined" instead of "1s".

If Radiative upgrade don't take candy from babies is active, STAGE 2 LOREDs that cannot take resources from STAGE 1 LOREDs will now have 0 net output.

Radiative upgrade mods enabled now correctly requires RASENGAN.


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41 days ago


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