LORED 1.2c

Every LORED now has a small P button. Click it to see what P stands for!

Buffed the CONCRETE LORED’s color by 75%. Now you can see how much concrete you’re spending! You’d think this would come in 1.0, but you’re wrong.

Added a choice between engineering, scientific, and whatever made-up notation most generic phone games use with the aa and ab stuff.

Fixed the display upgrades count in the upgrades menu (but maybe only for new saves).

Made some performance improvements!

  • Added options in the menu to help improve performance.
  • Moved certain pieces of code from timers to input events where it made sense.
    • Example: Instead of updating the color of the loader’s text every frame, now it just updates the color once as soon as its task is decided.
    • Removed a _physics_process(delta) function from an object that really didn’t need one.


LORED 1.2c (Desktop) 11 MB
Aug 27, 2019
LORED (Mobile) Play in browser
Aug 27, 2019


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